Izra Fitch takes vulnerability and throws it into the spotlight. The pop band is met with a raw, eccentric stage presence between bandmates and everyone in the room. Keytar, harmonies, redemption and lovesickness: feelings will happen.

If you see a photo of Izra Fitch online, chances are she’ll be wearing a motorcycle helmet. She’s fascinated with the sleek, sexy design; the strength it exudes while offering protection. It’s her accessory of choice, and also represents her artistry.


Like the helmet, Fitch’s music is strong, sexy, and sleek. It’s vulnerable, but also protected. Though the pop singer pulls from personal experience whenever she writes, her lyrics are chock full of metaphors. She wants her songs to be relatable to the masses, while also keeping her stories safe. 


Fitch wears her heart on her sleeve as she sings about topics like heartbreak and mental health, but if you don’t listen closely you’d never know — the heavy lyrics are accompanied by buoyant instrumentation and infectious melodies. In fact, a fan once mistook a song about depression as a hook up track.


“Writing these heartbreaking songs and having a backbeat to them is just amazing to me,” she says. “I think it’s this sound of strength, even when it’s very vulnerable.”


Though she keeps a sense of mystery to her music, Fitch opens up during live sets. When she’s not singing and playing keytar (!!) with her backing band, she’s divulging her deepest secrets between songs and letting fans know they’re not alone in their struggles. 


“Knowing how many people have gone through depression and hearing more people’s experiences made it feel like the time to put it on a stage and share with other people in a strong way,” she explains. “I had other artists help me when I was in it, and I want to be that for other people.”


Those other artists are fierce women like Florence Welch, Maggie Rogers, and Lorde — three of her biggest influences. Like those ladies, Fitch strives to be a powerful female voice, sending a genuine message with her music by writing when she feels inspired rather than forcing it.


“It always comes in this flash of feelings, and I have to get it out right then,” she says, and it shows. 


Izra Fitch is not your average pop artist. Her music is raw and teeters on the edge of rock, favoring live instrumentation over packaged beats. She uses songwriting as a way to get redemption over hard times and encourages fans to find their strength. She is a tenacious, queer woman who has learned it’s okay to be vulnerable, and wants to share that with the world. 

-Written by Katrina Natress